March 4th: Rumor Of New Inauguration?; US National Guardsmen Mistreated At The Capitol

00:00 Intro
00:50 DC March 4th Extra Security: Real Inauguration? Troops Mistreated
06:22 Neera Tanden: Biden Budget Office Pick Resigns: What is Behind It?
10:46 Two Story: Cuomo Apology; CPAC Stage Design
15:16 Texas and Mississipi Re-Open 100% (No Mask Mandates)

Our topics tonight include. A look at the potential unrest tomorrow, March 4th, the original inauguration day. As the Capitol Police calls for more reinforcements to the already fenced-up walls around the capitol.

Then we talk about Neera Tanden, her resignation from the Budget Office Nomination, what is behind it.

Next, a short look at the mystery surrounding CPAC’s stage. Who had the time to point out that most people wouldn’t have a stage? Apparently, it looks like Nazi symbols.

Last, a look at the state of Texas and Mississippi reopening 100%. Welcome to the divided states of America. Where schools and education is based on your governor’s liking.

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March 4th: Rumor Of New Inauguration; US National Guardsmen Mistreated At The Capitol
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