Shocking: Coke “Less White” Training Offered; Behind The Mission To Stop Trump

00:00 Intro
00:43 The Plan To Stop Trump: Tax Investigation
19:23 Chinese Social Media Personality Arrested; A Strategy to Identify CCP Narratives.

Did you know, Coca Cola is trying to make their employees less white? This is the next step in a ridiculous political correctness campaign.

We then talk about the reasons behind the Supreme Court ruling to allow Trump’s tax records to be investigated in New York. It’s the next step in preventing Trump from running for office again.

Then we discuss how the CCP’s detention of online users who spoke against their rhetoric on the India China border dispute, is actually a reflection of the Big Tech’s actions here in the US as well. That and a little trick I will let you in on, how to identify the CCP’s tactic right here in the US.

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Shocking: Coke "Less White" Training Offered; Behind The Mission To Stop Trump

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