#AngryHands: Texas DOE Cr_me Scene, Granh_lm, T_lberg, ERCOT #TEGaerosol

2/19/21: Sec of Energy Granh_lm’s DOE Order 202-21-1 outlines the advance planned energy shut down in Texas, where dozens have frozen to death and millions remain without water. Meanwhile, TEG, a lung poison, to be sprayed everywhere deemed "Essential" in GA and TN…

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Dems try to ban President Trump being buried at Arlington Cemetery:

Dems introduce bill to ban Trump from Arlington Nat’l Cemetery burial, block federal funds to any property with his name and more

DOE Order 202-21-1:

Governor Desantis Flies State Flags at half-mast for Rush Limbaugh:

Acting Sec of Energy, J Granh_lm:

Granh_lm’s massive investments in Ag_nda 2030 Industries:

ERCOT Chairwoman Sally T_lberg as MI MPS Commissioner:

Talb_rg, ERCOT, mission of CEPTF:


CEPTF war-gaming how to control American’s use of energy:

Click to access 2018-Non-Wires-Alternatives-Report_FINAL.pdf

Deborah Tavares, Stop The Crime, on TX Weather warfare:

TEG to be aerosolized in ALL "Essential Spaces" in GA and TN:

EPA Approves Chemical ‘Air Treatment’ Against COVID, Despite Known Health Hazards

Bill Gates acquires 30% interest in Private Jet Corp a week before his BS Climate Saving book released:

Bill Gates pushes for ‘zero’ emissions in new book while upping his stake in private jet company

Del Rio, TX Mayor demands Biden not release migrants into his city:

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5 thoughts on “#AngryHands: Texas DOE Cr_me Scene, Granh_lm, T_lberg, ERCOT #TEGaerosol”

  1. Wow. It’s here. Not like I envisioned it, but unmistakable, all the same. Be brave everyone. Lucifer and his minions have a divine destiny with failure and destruction. They are punks.