#ClimateShutdowns We Commit Our Lives to Freedom! #RushForward

2/18/21: Rush in Heaven, Americans Alive- Climate Lockdowns attack Texas as Gl_balist roll out attempts to exercise control….

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Gov Abbott calls for resignation of ERCOT Board:

Bill Gates patented crypto currency to mine your body for energy:

Bill Gates will use your microchipped body to mine cryptocurrency

Fighting back against medical tyranny:

CDC Investigation

Millions to March in Australia against V Lockdowns and Mandates:

Mass Climate Czar under Gov Baker says Americans must suffer to stop using energy:

Mass. Climate Undersecretary Who Said “We Must Break The Will” Of Citizens Resigns

Rush L_mbaugh an example of Excellence in Information Sharing:

Rush Limbaugh Remembered: 12 Standout Tributes to the Conservative Talk Radio Pioneer

Prince Phillip says I want to be reincarnated as a virus to kill humanity:

Prince Philip: ‘I’m Tempted To Ask For Reincarnation’ as a ‘Deadly Virus’ To Reduce World Population


National Liberty Alliance is providing Civics:

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3 thoughts on “#ClimateShutdowns We Commit Our Lives to Freedom! #RushForward”

  1. Sooooo, Obama’s third term wants to infect poor Africans, in Liberia, then bring them to America. How much ya wanna bet they settle a majority of them in Texas, Florida and S. Dakota-for starters.
    Wow. What demonic, racist, hateful entities.

    1. It is AS IF it was planned? Coming soon… Trudeau: “Covid Variants being developed (ooops), emerging around the world.”