Trump Declares Political War on McConnell in Fiery Statement; Texans Freezing & Without Power

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NTD Evening News—2/16/2021
1. Trump Promises MAGA Primary Challengers
2. Residents Freezing and Without Power in Texas
3. At Least 3 Dead After North Carolina Tornado
4. White House Outraged by Rocket Attack in Iraq
5. Biden Reversing ‘Stay in Mexico’ Policy
6. Harris’ Calls Normally Done by the President
7. Sen. Graham Warns of VP Harris Impeachment
8. NC GOP Denounces Burr Over Impeachment Vote
9. Election Related Probes & Firings in Georgia
10. The Lincoln Project Continues Despite Scandal
11. Biden’s ‘Assault on Rule of Law’: House Rep
12. Health Inspector Orders Brewery Shut, Dances
13. ‘The Bachelor’ Host Cancelled for ‘Racism’
14. Transformer Explosion Causes N.J. Power Cuts
15. Grocers File Lawsuit Against Seattle City
16. Push for Open Classrooms, Recall Effort
17. Wuhan Outbreak Bigger Than We Thought: W.H.O
18. TikTok Breaks U.S. Deal, Biden to Review Ban
19. Australian PM Likely to Stop Belt & Road Deal
20. China in UK Defense Supply Chain: CMTE.
21. CCP Building Submarine Force: French Gen.
22. Biden Extends Mortgage Relief for Homeowners
23. New Leases Surge in Manhattan & Brooklyn
24. Planters Looking for Nutmobile Drivers
25. Mount Etna Volcano Erupts in Sicily
26. European Space Agency Recruiting
27. London Zoo Fights $1.4M Monthly Losses
28. Russian Sculpture Creates Pasta Artwork
29. Researchers Find Life Under Antarctica’s Ice

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Trump Declares Political War on McConnell in Fiery Statement; Texans Freezing & Without Power

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