Trump Surprises Supporters at President’s Day Celebration | NTD

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Former President Donald Trump surprised supporters in Florida on Monday, driving by them in a black SUV.

Trump waved to people lining both sides of a road in West Palm Beach, as onlookers cheered and snapped pictures.

“We love Trump! We love Trump!” people shouted as the car that Trump was riding in moved slowly by. They later erupted in chants of “USA! USA!”

A number of pro-Trump and American flags were waving in the breeze.

The crowd was gathered to celebrate President’s Day.

Trump was driving from the Trump International Golf Club, where he was spotted playing golf.

The drive-by evoked memories of Jan. 20, when Trump was transported past supporters to his Mar-a-Lago resort after flying to Florida from Washington.

Since then, Trump has rarely appeared in public.

Trump’s former and current advisers, though, have regularly appeared on TV stations and social media, saying he will be engaged to help Republicans flip the House of Representatives and Senate in 2022.

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Trump Surprises Supporters at President’s Day Celebration | NTD
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#Trump #PresidentsDay #WestPalmBeach

Trump Surprises Supporters at President’s Day Celebration | NTD

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