Mortgage Relief Extended; New Leases Surge in NYC; Grocers File Suit Against Seattle

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NTD Business News- 2/16/2021
1. Biden Extends Mortgage Relief for Homeowners
2. Few Houses on The Market But Things Changing
3. New Leases Surge in Manhattan & Brooklyn
4. Rep. Donalds: Business is Welcome in Florida
5. Grocers File Lawsuit Against Seattle City
6. Bitcoin Breaks $50K for The First Time
7. Goldman Sachs Unveils Robo-Adviser in Consumer Push
8. Nearly 400 Walmart Stores Closed Due to Storm
9. Adidas Selling Reebok to Focus on Own Brand
10. TikTok Violates User Rights: EU Consumers
11. Mercedes-Benz Recalls 1M+ Cars over Glitch
12. Planters Looking for Nutmobile Drivers
13. Demand for Puzzles Surges w/ Lockdown
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