Trump’s Political Plan Revealed by Former WH Chief of Staff; Melania Trump Creates Office | NTD

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00:00 Trump to Put U.S. First, ‘Stay in Arena’
Although Trump left office three weeks ago, we may not have seen the last of him yet. Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows revealed Trump’s "plans to stay in the arena."

00:31 Former First Lady Melania Creates Office
In her first public move, ‘former First-Lady Melania Trump’ is creating her own private office—following in her husband’s footsteps steps. The office will likely be located in Trump’s new home, Mar-A-largo, in Palm Beach Florida.

01:02 Impacts of Raising Federal Minimum Wage
Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour may seem like a good idea. Some have argued it will make employees more productive and allow owners to retain talented workers. But there are some unintended consequences.

03:52 Operation Targeting Sex Offenders Blocked
A nationwide ICE operation to target and deport convicted sex offenders now blocked Biden’s new deportation directive. U.S. Marshals Service and ICE confirm they are reevaluating enforcement operations on sex offenders, that includes child molesters.

05:49 Scrapped Pipeline Sets Power Company Back
The canceled Keystone Pipeline was years in the making, with many in South Dakota invested in the project. One company helped bring electricity to the pipeline. NTD’s Don Tran talked to that business about how Biden’s decision is affecting them and their community.

08:23 Witness: 2 Possible Factors Causing Crash
We have new updates on the horrific accident in Texas on Feb 11. The death toll has sadly risen, and we learn more about what happened. NTD’s Christina Kim speaks to a fire department volunteer who went to the scene.

11:07 Cuban-American Rapper Warns of Communism
An interview with rapper and songwriter Pitbull, whose family fled communism, is going viral. In it, he warns how quickly freedom can be taken away, especially in times of crisis. NTD’s Grace Coulter has the story.

12:43 Can Biden Work With Europe on China?
President Biden is saying that an important part of his China strategy is working with European allies. But what do the European leaders think about this? NTD’s Penny Zhou has more.

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Trump’s Political Plan Revealed by Former WH Chief of Staff; Melania Trump Creates Office | NTD

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