China Expert Gives Warning as Dems Vote to Fund CCP-Linked Schools; How China Swayed the Election

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00:00 Dems Vote to Fund CCP-Linked Schools
Republicans are going back to the drawing board after Democrats voted to give money to educational institutions that partner with the Chinese Communist Party. After a thirteen-hour-long hearing, they struck down an amendment that would have prevented these schools from getting federal relief funding.

02:39 Three Weeks in Office: Biden’s China Policies
US President Biden speaks with Chinese Communist Party Head Xi Jinping for the first time. We take a look at what Biden did in his first three weeks to impact China’s policy.

06:43 Tex. Brings Act to Protect National Anthem
Texas is pushing back against NBA Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who ordered the team to stop playing the national anthem before games. The Star-Spangled Banner Protection Act would require the national anthem to be played at all events that receive public funding.

07:21 Expert: How China Swayed the Election
Experts and concerned commentators allege that China’s regime is killing our kids with fentanyl, burning our cities through front groups, stealing our technology, and manipulating our elections. We spoke with author and commentator Trevor Loudon on what he’s calling ‘China’s war on Americans.’

10:22 Top Publisher Withholds Rent to NYC Landlord
If you can take your eyes off the soaring stock market for a moment you’ll see that businesses are still really struggling—even the big ones. One of America’s biggest publishers "Conde Nast" is withholding millions of dollars of rent from the "One World Trade Center." It wants a rent reduction.

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Democrats Vote Against Ban on Funding CCP-Linked Schools; Expert: How China Swayed the Election

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