Trump Lawyers Swiftly Debunk Dems’ Case; Trump to ‘Stay in Arena’; NY Hid Death Tally to Dodge Feds

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00:00 NTD Evening News—2/12/2021
01:34 Trump Lawyers Swiftly Debunk Dems’ Case
04:33 Trump to Put U.S. First, ‘Stay in Arena’
05:06 Former First Lady Melania Creates Office
05:37 Report: NY Hid Death Tally to Dodge Feds
07:56 Operation Targeting Sex Offenders Blocked
10:12 Impacts of Raising Federal Minimum Wage
13:02 Cuban-American Rapper Warns of Communism
14:39 Gina Carano ‘UN-Cancelled’ With New Role
15:33 Facebook Board: We Don’t Look at National Law
17:38 Beijing Recruits Foreign Spies: Expert
23:25 Witness: 2 Possible Factors Causing Crash
26:08 Massive Drug Bust in California Bay Area
27:35 Mysterious Origins of Valentine’s Day
31:23 Biden on Punishing China for Virus Coverup
32:17 Biden Pauses TikTok, WeChat Bans
33:22 Security Concerns Over Chinese Face App
34:10 Robot Vacuum Sends Data to China: Engineer
37:24 Scrapped Pipeline Sets Power Company Back
39:58 House Cmte. Approves $14B for Airlines
41:10 Disney+ Up to Nearly 95M Subscribers
41:53 Fed Probes Massive Fake N95 Mask Scam
45:09 Lord Alton Battles On for Genocide Clause
46:45 UK Economy Suffers Record Annual Drop
48:04 Russia ‘Ready’ to Cut Ties With EU
49:34 Tokyo 2020 Chief Yoshiro Mori Resigns
50:31 Chocolate Sales Remain Stable in Belgium
53:19 Lunar New Year 2021
54:35 Major Snowstorm in Moscow Over the Weekend

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