Wisconsin doctor suffered miscarriage after covid vaccine, tweeted #VaccinesWork

Dr. Sara Beltrán Ponce, M.D., is making headlines after suffering a horrific miscarriage following her Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination.

A 2019 graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Ponce not too long ago completed her residency in Radiation Oncology. Her “SheMD” profile claims that she is “passionate about medical education, public health, and mentorship, particularly for women interested in radiation.”

Ponce is married with one daughter and was about to have another child when her China Virus vaccine changed her plans. Instead of delivering a second healthy baby, Ponce, who boasted on Twitter several weeks prior about being “fully vaccinated,” suffered what no expectant mother should have to suffer.

On Jan. 28, Ponce announced that she was 14 weeks pregnant and had chosen to get vaccinated for the WuFlu in order “to protect myself, my baby, my family, my patients, and my community.”

“When it’s available to you, I encourage you to do the same!” Ponce added.


Ponce tweeted several more times that same day, explaining that as “a physician,” she feels “a responsibility to protect the cancer patients that I see on a daily basis, especially those who are immunocompromised from their therapies.”

“We should be examples of social distancing, masking, and vaccination,” Ponce went on to virtue signal. “But also as a human, we all have a responsibility to do what is best for our communities and for each other.”

Ponce made sure to cite a number of virtue signaling hashtags like “#VaccinesWork” and “#WeAreAllHereTogether,” which presumably made her feel like she was advocating the right thing for everyone.

“I’ve always been open about my motherhood journey in medicine, and it’s with a heavy heart that I tell my #MedTwitter family that I’ve suffered a miscarriage at 14 1/2 weeks,” Ponce tweeted a few days later.

“My husband and I are devastated, but blessed to have each other and our sweet Eva. Rest in Peace, angel.”

Ponce then thanked her followers for their “compassion and sympathies,” expressing deep sadness that “I didn’t know was possible to feel,” she wrote.

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Author: Ethan Huff

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