Clubhouse app banned in China; Ties of Biden’s “Asia Czar” with CCP spy chief raises concern

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It seems the planet Mars has become another hotspot where countries around the world are competing for influence. On February 9, the UAE’s Hope Probe entered Mars’s orbit.
On February 10, China’s Mars explorer, Tianwen-1, entered Mars’s orbit for the first time. It made the Chinese space agency the sixth in the world to do so. NASA’s Perseverance rover will also land on the surface of Mars. Sounds like a battle for exploring Mars has begun

Some of you may have heard of Clubhouse. Recently, the emerging social media platform became viral overnight. Clubhouse is a mobile social media app launched last March. The app is created by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, two innovative entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. 
According to Radio Free Asia,this platform became a place for free speech expression for chinese citizens. Clubhouse users created a chat room called "There are concentration camps in Xinjiang" users from different countries and regions, including mainland China, shared their experiences and insights about the re-education camps in Xinjiang, as well as local ethnic minorities in Xinjiang who expressed their concerns about the situation.

National Pulse reported that Kurt Campbell, a member of Biden’s National Security Council, President Biden’s new “Asia Czar” – has bounced around Washington, D.C. “think tank” circuit for decades. He has a questionable relationship with the former Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the CEFC,Patrick Ho. Mr Ho is known as the notorious spy chief of China. He was imprisoned in the United States for bribing foreign officials for the CCP.

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Clubhouse app banned in China; Ties of Biden’s “Asia Czar” with CCP spy chief raises concern

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