Trump Team Reacts to Impeachment Trial; Ex-CIA Leaves Dem. Party; Biden’s 1st Call w/ China’s Xi

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00:00 NTD News Today—2/11/2020
01:11 Trial Day 2: No New Evidence of Incitement
03:46 Ex-CIA Leaves Dem. Party Over Impeachment
05:27 House GOP: Remove Capitol Security Fence
06:49 Capitol Police ‘No Confidence’ Vote
07:25 Biden’s First Phone Call With China’s Xi
09:14 Biden’s DOJ: Obamacare Is Constitutional
10:39 GOP Warns Biden of Rising Migration Crisis
14:04 EDD Mishandling, Cali Official Criticized
16:18 Maloney Introduces 5 Gun Control Measures
16:59 Gaetz Squares Off Against Kinzinger’s PAC
18:18 GOP Release Plan to Retake House Majority
19:00 Chicago Teachers to Return to School
19:40 N.C. Teachers Association Link to Marxism
24:15 Portland Rioters Vandalize Police Building
24:57 NY to Reopen Stadiums at Limited Capacity
26:14 Authorities Seize ‘Opioid Land Mine’
26:55 Random Subway Attacks on Rise in NYC
28:41 Indictments on Elder Asian Attacks
33:04 US Rejoin of UN Rights Council Controversy
34:52 China Ties of Biden’s CIA Pick
36:59 ‘China Standards 2035’ Aims to Write Rules
43:00 14 States Ask Biden to Rethink Keystone
44:25 Elon Musk’s Internet Service Set to Begin
45:06 Japanese Facial Rec Undeterred By Masks
47:53 Charities: Reopen Care Homes By March
49:48 France’s Mont Saint-Michel Under Snow
50:20 DIY Dad Builds Bobsleigh Track in Garden
53:29 Jaguar Cubs Born in Argentina
54:18 Kayakers Clean Up in Sydney

Senators react to Day Two of the impeachment trial. One top Republican thinks Trump will be acquitted, but another says the evidence is "pretty damning."

House Republicans urge Nancy Pelosi to take down the security fence at the Capitol Building. Is it turning into a fortress?

And Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) challenges a new Republican Political Action Committee, after he discovers that they’re planning to target him in his upcoming primary.

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Trump Team Reacts to Impeachment Trial; Ex-CIA Leaves Dem. Party; Biden’s 1st Call w/ China’s Xi

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