NBA Responds After Team Stops Playing National Anthem; Dems Lay Out Trump’s Impeachment Evidence

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00:00 NTD Evening News—02/10/2021
01:25 Dems Lay Out Trump’s Impeachment Evidence
03:48 Impeachment is Performance Art: Historian
06:33 Biden Sanctions Burma Military, Government
07:37 NBA Team Stops Playing National Anthem
10:08 GOP Warns Biden of Rising Migration Crisis
13:36 14 States Ask Biden to Rethink Keystone
15:00 Fauci: U.K. Variant to Dominate U.S.
15:58 CCP Virus Trends Continue to Slide Down
16:12 Virus Deaths in Calif. Could Surpass NY
16:49 CDC Doubles Down on Wearing Masks
17:19 Chicago Teachers to Return to School
18:35 N.C. Teachers Association Link to Marxism
22:42 NYSE Threatens to Leave New York
23:23 Random Subway Attacks on Rise in NYC
25:10 EDD Mishandling, Cali Official Criticized
27:24 Aunt Jemima’s New Name: Pearl Milling Co.
28:56 Alaska Skier Rescued After Bear-Mauling
31:44 US Rejoin of UN Rights Council Controversy
33:31 China Ties of Biden’s CIA Pick
35:38 ‘China Standards 2035’ Aims to Write Rules
41:34 German City Tests Sleep Pods for Homeless
43:07 Lyft Shows Signs of Recovery in Q4
44:28 Gas Prices Climb to Pre-Pandemic Levels
44:56 Japanese Facial Rec Undeterred By Masks
47:57 Charities: Reopen Care Homes by March
49:53 BBC Worked with Controversial Chinese Firm
50:37 117-Years-Old French Nun Survives Covid-19
53:32 Lion Strolls Up to Hotel in Western India
54:13 DIY Dad Builds Bobsleigh Track in Garden
55:58 France’s Mont Saint-Michel Under Snow

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NBA Responds After Team Stops Playing National Anthem; Dems Lay Out Trump’s Impeachment Evidence

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