Bitcoin Soars to All-Time High; Tesla Fails Every EPA Range Test: Edmunds | NTD Business

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NTD Business News- 2/11/2021
1. Bitcoin Soars to All-Time High
2. US Chip Industry Asks Biden for Support
3. Tesla Fails Every EPA Range Test: Edmunds
4. VW Taps Microsoft’s Cloud for Self-Driving
5. Top Publisher Withholds Rent to NYC Landlord
6. Europe’s Economy is on Life Support
7. Target Offers Worker Free Ride to Get Vaccinated
8. Lockdown Living Drives PepsiCo Results
9. Tencent Executive Held as Part of Probe
10. Amsterdam Tops London as Europe Stocks Hub
11. Hyundai Developing A Car That Can Walk
12. First 3D Printed House Hits the Market

Tesla getting tested. Can it go as far as the promised range on a single charge? A recent study says it is way below target.

Bitcoin hitting another record high, two major financial firms saying they’ll offer service related to the crypto currency.

A huge rent dispute in New York City. A top publisher skips out on January’s payment as it demands discount to keep rent in line with current market conditions.

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