Texas working on bill to stop conservative censorship; Big Tech to build “Smart Cities”?| Eye Opener

YouTube has announced that they will start removing any content contesting the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election. As a safety measure, please SIGN UP to our email list to continue receiving truthful news… http://www.eyeopenershow.com/

Now, we are happy to hear that Texas will follow Florida’s move in preventing big tech companies’ censorship. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted on Feb. 7 that he will work with Sen. Bryan Hughes “on legislation to prevent social media providers like Facebook & Twitter from cancelling conservative speech.”

We don’t know what the specific legislation Texas will make, but Texas has a record of taking pretty clear, hard-line stands.

Gordon G. Chang is an expert on China. According to Chang, the CCP wants to control U.S. companies in order to achieve its technological dominance and to turn them against the United States. Gordon Chang points out that when the CCP owns a company, it has influence over the direction of the company and its employees. This is a typical communist method used to control corporate businesses in mainland china. So the United States must break this Communist influence.

The latest news is that Nevada’s Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak has announced that he wants to create an "innovation zone" in Nevada to build smart cities. Currently, a U.S. company called Blockchains LLC has already started their smart city plan in Nevada.

Check out this link: http://www.ninecommentaries.com/ and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are.

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Texas working on bill to stop conservative censorship; Big Tech to build “Smart Cities”?

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