Biden’s Deportation Freeze Blocked Again; 6 GOP Senators Vote for Trump Impeachment Trial | NTD

00:00 NTD Evening News—2/9/2021
01:15 Majority of Senators: Trial Constitutional
03:51 Texas Fights Back Against Big Tech
06:25 TX Blocks Deportation Freeze Until Feb 23
06:56 Assessing Threat of Jihadist Infiltration
09:10 Dems Propose $3K Child Tax Credit
11:55 New Bill to Ban Visas for CCP, Pla Members
13:02 Weighing the Benefits, Costs of Lockdowns
15:17 Black History Shows Resilience: Activist
19:09 India Trains Dogs to Sniff Out CCP Virus
20:04 Tampa Police seek to fine Maskless Fans
20:47 Mask Mandates could be lifted by Late Fall
22:03 Hackers Try to Poison Florida Town’s Water
23:21 Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash Update
23:58 Nearly 1.5M Signatures for Recall Newsom
26:26 Lawyer’s Filter Fumble: ‘I’m Not a Cat’
29:49 WHO Echoes China’s Virus Comments
31:35 Chinese Diplomat Blames US for Virus
32:50 App Gives China a Few Days of Free Speech
33:51 HK Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai Denied Bail
37:47 Bezos to Owe $2B/Yr if Wealth Tax Passes
38:16 Robinhood Sued Over Student Trader Suicide
39:53 Apple iPhone 12 Mini Sales Slow
43:14 HK May No Longer Accept Dual Nationality
44:05 Oxford Professorship Renamed to ‘Tencent’
45:48 Number of Squatters Rises in France
47:44 French Mayor Reopens Museums
49:15 Freezing Weather Grips the Netherlands
50:13 Winter Fun for City Dwellers in Lithuania

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Biden’s Deportation Freeze Blocked Again; 6 GOP Senators Vote for Trump Impeachment Trial | NTD

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