How DJT Lost the White House, by Patrick Byrne, the next chapter

Visiting The White House

voiced by dariusmarley

Photo by Ryan Heffernan.

One thought on “How DJT Lost the White House, by Patrick Byrne, the next chapter”

  1. but We need to realize the America we knew and grew up in is gone. The rigged election gave us Obama come back in the guise of a bumbling,old sick man. Ruling by decree to end run Democracy, we see many parallels between today and “elected “President Salvador Allende of Chile. A Marxist Socialist, he soon dragged the Chilean economy into ruin and massive inflation, unemployment, and rioting. The middle and upper classes appealed to the Military, also being abused by the regime, and first they declined to involve as they were sworn to their Constitution. But, they saw they had no choice to step in and save Chile from the Left. In Spain, they tore down statues and burned Churches, often nailing Nuns and Priests to the doors of Churches and Convents. As in Chile, the vast majority of Police and Military squared the mess up. History beckons to us. Lessons unheeded, lessons repeated. History is preparing our Allende, our Franco to appear before us and send all traitors and collaborators to their destiny.