China Warns Biden Admin Not To Cross ‘Red Lines’; WH Press Secretary Gets Questions in Advance | NTD

00:00 Beijing Tells WH to Play by China’s Rules
In a speech, China’s top diplomat tells the new administration how to behave when it comes to China issues. And new reports emerge about inhuman treatment amid China’s lockdown measures.

01:41 Burma Coup, Good or Bad for China?
Some are voicing concerns that Burma—or Myanmar—could grow closer to the Chinese regime. The comments follow the country’s recent military takeover.

03:59 WH Learns Questions in Advance: Sources
Multiple sources are accusing the Biden administration’s white house press secretary of screening reporter questions before press briefings. We look at that and two other controversies.

06:13 FBI Agent: Worst Day in the History of FBI
Two FBI agents have been shot and three wounded while carrying out a search warrant for a child exploitation case in Florida. It’s the first time an agent has been shot in over a decade. NTD’s Grace Coulter speaks to a former FBI agent to get his take on the shooting.

08:41 Twitter Shuts Down ‘My Pillow’ Account
Twitter has shut down another account. This time, it’s the official account for the pillow and bedding company, My Pillow. NTD’s Christina Kim tells us why this happened.

09:57 Study: Two Vaccine Doses May Be Too Much
A new study shows that two shots of the virus vaccine may elicit bigger side effects for people who’ve already been infected by the virus. NTD’s Miguel Moreno has the details on why one may be enough, and updates on the pandemic.

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China Warns Biden Admin Not To Cross ‘Red Lines’; White House Learns Questions in Advance

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