New order bans the use of “China Virus”; Rand Paul: Trump Impeachment trial unlikely & hypocritical

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Sen. Rand Paul has been very clear that this impeachment will not go through. Paul also stated that it’s a significant hypocrisy and double standard when the Democrats are accusing Trump of inciting violence by saying “go fight for your country. And he said march peacefully and patriotically.”

On January 25, Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping delivered a speech criticizing implicitly the U.S. for resisting the Communist Party’s "unilateralism" policy at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This is another way to test Biden.

Biden also signed an executive order that specifically prohibits federal documents from using the term "China virus" when describing it. This name was called out by former President Trump last year when the Chinese Communist Party was desperately trying to shrug off responsibility for the pandemic.

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Rand Paul: Trump Impeachment trial unlikely & hypocritical; New order bans the use of “China Virus”

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