Twitter Sued by Minor; Fauci: Double-Masking Makes Sense; Pipeline Workers Speak Out on Job Loss

00:00 Fauci: Double-Masking Makes Sense
Maybe you’ve seen people going about their day wearing two masks. A leading expert on infectious diseases says it makes sense.

00:51 Twitter Sued by Victim of Sex Abuse
Twitter is getting sued by a child victim of sexual abuse and exploitation. The minor claims the social media platform knew about the exploited content a year ago, but didn’t remove it.

02:31 Pipeline Workers Speak Out on Job Loss
Laid-off workers are speaking out after President Biden canceled the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office.

04:39 Expected Impacts of New Climate Policies
President Biden’s 3 newest executive orders address climate change. He’s creating a new central office in the White House to implement his climate agenda. NTD’s Melina Wisecup speaks to an environmental policy expert on what these orders mean for America.

06:45 Chinese Military-Related Ban Delayed
In China, Certain companies have names similar, but not identical to, communist Chinese Military companies. Under Biden, the US Treasury Department is temporarily allowing American investment into those companies.

09:52 Why Do We Call the Coronavirus the ‘CCP Virus’?
Hundreds of Chinese drones lose control during a test run. And we explain why NTD uses the term "CCP virus."

11:29 Hundreds of Chinese Drones Crash While Performing
Hundreds of drones appeared to have lost control during a performance in China. Chinese netizens say the incident once again demonstrates the quality of "Made in China" products.

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Twitter Sued by Minor; Fauci: Double-Masking Makes Sense; Pipeline Workers Speak Out on Job Loss

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