Biden Admin Sued for Oil & Gas Lease Halt; Biden’s UN Pick Under Fire over China Comments | NTD

00:00 NTD Evening News—01/27/2021
01:32 Biden Admin Sued for Oil & Gas Lease Halt
02:22 Biden UN Pick’s China Comments Draw Ire
04:06 China Expert on CCP Tactics in the UN
06:05 Pompeo Calls on Biden to Hold CCP Liable
08:04 Chinese Military-Related Ban Delayed
11:00 Expected Impacts of New Climate Policies
13:05 Pipeline Workers Speak Out on Job Loss
15:14 Goya CEO Muzzled by Board of Directors
16:44 Twitter Sued by Victim of Sex Abuse
18:24 Holocaust Remembrance Day: Lessons Learned
21:15 Fauci: Double-Masking Makes Sense
22:08 CDC Projects Up to 94,000 Deaths by Feb.
23:31 NY Governor Lifts Restrictions Statewide
25:56 Recall Newsom Petition Exceeds 1.2M
27:16 Andrew Yang Visits Small Businesses in NYC
32:14 Why Do We Call Covid-19 the ‘CCP Virus’?
33:51 Blackberry Sells 90 Patents to Huawei
34:55 Hundreds of Chinese Drones Crash
35:32 Chinese Locals Demand Food Amid Lockdown
39:47 Delta to Bring Back 400 Pilots This Summer
40:16 Remote Working Less Effective: Bank Execs
42:04 51M Accrued Add’l CC Debt Since Pandemic
42:40 Test Kits Hit Vending Machines
45:55 Auschwitz Survivors Mark Anniversary
47:51 UK: School Reopening Postponed to March
49:12 From Induced Coma to Cycling 100 Miles
51:30 French Sailor Presents Boat that Recycles
52:54 Slovenians Climb Europe’s Highest Chimney
55:22 Indonesia’s Mount Merapi Erupts
56:00 Italian Exhibit Breaking Fourth Wall
57:38 Elephants Play During Arizona Snow Day

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