Washington Monument & White House goes dark; Biden Wants Son to Lead Drug Enforcement Admin?

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The $1.9 trillion stimulus bill is President Biden’s first notable proposal since he took office. Then, what was the first bill introduced by the Congressional Democrats after Biden took office? On January 24, according to the Populist Press, the first bill introduced in the House of Representatives was led by Democrat Nancy Pelosi. 

Chinese air force entered Taiwan’s air space on Jan 23 and 24th. The Biden administration took no real action and only paid lip service. Observers are noticing that the Biden administration may want to return to the "one-China framework" of "one China, two governments,". 

The "Washington Monument" is Washington DC’s famous landmark and is usually lit up at night time. However, on the night of January 24th, the Washington Monument’s exterior lights inexplicably went out. Only the top beacon light was still flashing.

On January 25th State representative Anthony Sabatini Tweeted “Breaking: Hunter Biden expected to lead DEA”. Biden once told the media that his son used to do drugs, but claimed to have quit. For such an important role this decision should fall under great scrutiny for obvious reasons. Unfortunately bizarre things have happened before and after Biden’s inauguration.

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Washington Monument & White House goes dark; Biden Wants Son to Lead Drug Enforcement Admin?

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