Trump Makes 1st Public Comments Since Leaving Office; Supporters Want Trump’s Legacy to Remain | NTD

00:00 Trump’s First Remarks Since Leaving Office
Former President Donald Trump makes his first public comments since leaving office. He said that he’ll make a comeback in some way, but didn’t explain how.

00:31 Supporters Want Trump’s Legacy to Remain
The Biden administration is already reversing many of Trump’s policies in the first two days in office. Our reporter in California asked Trump supporters what they think are Trump’s most important legacies, and what the new administration will do to them.

03:21 National Guard Abandoned: ‘We Feel Betrayed’
25,000 members of the National Guard were called to Washington for the inauguration of Joe Biden. After the event, they were told to pack up and move out. But with nowhere to go, thousands of guardsmen were left stranded around the capitol.

05:20 Beijing Builds Military Drones to Rival US
The Chinese Communist regime to found to have been developing more advanced military drones. And the adversary they have in mind? The United States of America.

06:48 United CEO Wants to Make Vaccine Mandatory
United Airlines might make the CCP virus vaccine mandatory for the company’s more than 60,000 employees.

07:26 Google Threatens to Shut Down in Australia
Google is threatening to shut down its search engine in Australia— if the Australian government forces it to pay for news. Australia is in the process to pass laws to do just that.

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Trump Makes 1st Public Comments Since Leaving Office; Supporters Want Trump’s Legacy to Remain | NTD

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