Time cover shows Biden in a trash-strewn Oval Office left by Trump

Time magazine wasted no time expressing its disdain for former President Donald Trump as it unveiled a new cover showing President Joe Biden standing in a trash-strewn Oval Office that Trump apparently left behind for his successor.

In addition to the complete disarray of the Oval Office, there is the image of Biden standing by the window looking out on a smoke-filled sky representing the turmoil and chaos of the Trump administration.

The accompanying cover article written by Charlotte Alter does little to dispel the idea that Trump left behind a mess for Biden to fix mentioning the “thousands who turned to violence to “stop the steal,” referring to the Capitol Hill riots.

As for Biden, who called for unity in his inauguration speech, Alter writes that it will be enough if he can how the country, in her view, operated pre-Trump, that would be enough.

“Joe Biden may never unify America. That may not even be possible in a nation so riven by disinformation and delusion. But if he can get Americans who disagree on everything else to agree on the democratic process, if he can help restore political debate to the realm of truth, if he can deliver enough solutions to restore some small faith in government, that would be a start. America still won’t be united, but it could be united enough.”

It was only day one of the Biden presidency but the media love affair with No. 46 was in full view.

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Author: Don Irvine

One thought on “Time cover shows Biden in a trash-strewn Oval Office left by Trump”

  1. Why do the Marxism-promoting capitalist media magnates think that their gross misrepresentation and lies will fool anyone but those of the “choir”?
    Here’s Snoops:
    “In mid-January 2021, following the U.S. Capitol riot by supporters of President Donald Trump,”
    You know that we know that they know that we know that this is a barefaced LIE. Yet they lie anyway.
    The “riot” was perpetrated by the Democrats’ 21st century KKK, Antifa/BLM. Antifa invaded the Capitol over a half hour before the supporters of President Trump arrived, as the President was still speaking at the Ellipse, over 1½ miles away.
    The President’s supporters arrived while Antifa was vandalizing and looting the Capitol. Trump supporters walked in through open doors. Some attempted to stop the vandals and looters. Others tried to get the Capitol police to stop the Antifa looters.