How Biden’s Policies Contrast With Trump’s; Billionaire Jack Ma Reappears After Months of No Show

00:00 How Biden’s Policies Contrast With Trump’s
Trump has spoken about opening the economy and tapping into the nation’s energy resources. Whereas Biden mentioned we are heading toward a “dark winter” and said he expects to rejoin the Paris Agreement.

02:25 Religious Liberty Under Biden
How will the Biden administration handle issues of religious liberty? Legal defense lawyers discuss their hopes and concerns.

05:14 Chinese Communist Party Sanctions Trump Officials
The Chinese Regime imposes new sanctions on Trump administration officials. That includes former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an outspoken critic of the regime’s human rights violations.

06:28 Yellen Has to Make Decisions on China
President Trump worked closely with the treasury department to counter threats from China. But how will the department look like under President Biden?

09:40 Biden’s Top Diplomat Pick on China Threat
President Biden’s nominee for secretary of state is proposing a new approach to countering the influence of the CCP.

12:41 Jack Ma Reappears After Months of No Show
The founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba meets with a hundred rural teachers in China, via video conference. It’s the businessman’s first appearance since October, triggering a sharp jump in the company’s Hong Kong-listed shares.

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How Biden’s Policies Contrast With Trump’s; Billionaire Jack Ma Reappears After Months of No Show

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