Biden Signs 15 Exec. Orders, Reversing Trump Policies; Trump: ‘We Will Be Back in Some Form’ | NTD

00:00 NTD Evening News—01/20/2021
01:40 Biden Sworn in as 46th US President
04:07 Analysis of Biden’s Inaugural Speech
06:35 How Biden’s Policies Contrast with Trump’s
09:01 Biden Signs EO’s, Reverses Trump Policies
10:01 Inauguration Attendees Express Their Hopes
13:04 World Leaders React to Inauguration
14:15 Trump: ‘We Will Be Back in Some Form’
16:00 Crowd Lines Sidewalks Welcoming Trump Home
18:15 Trump Children Social Media Farewell
19:44 Trump Grants Pardons, Commutes Sentences
21:06 Trump’s Latest EO Combats Cyber Attacks
22:18 Chinese Communist Party Sanctions Trump Officials
23:32 Biden’s Top Diplomat Pick on China Threat
26:34 Yellen has to Make Decisions on China
32:02 Trustee Called ‘Terrorist’ After Rally
34:26 Religious Liberty Under Biden
38:43 Chairman of Chinese Vaccine Maker Resigns
39:58 Lab Found to Falsify Virus Test Results
41:27 Jack Ma Reappears After Months of No-Show
44:25 NYC Top Earners Face Highest Income Tax
45:52 Ford Ordered to Recall 3 Million Vehicles
46:38 Kroger Testing Smart Grocery Carts
47:23 India Asks Whatsapp to AX Privacy Update
50:33 Top UK Lawyer Quits Hong Kong Prosecution
51:19 Britain Helps Kenya Roll Out Covid Vaccine
52:22 2 Dead in Madrid Gas Explosion
52:52 Dead Whale Found in Sea Near Naples
53:27 Hockey Championships Pulled From Belarus
54:30 UK Stars Warn Over Post-Brexit Music Tours
55:06 Russians Take Epiphany Dip in Cave Lakes

Joe Biden has officially been inaugurated as President of the United States, President Trump gave supporters a message about the future before departing the White House, and Beijing sanctions 28 Trump Administration officials from traveling to China.

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Biden Signs 15 Exec. Orders, Reversing Trump Policies; Trump: ‘We Will Be Back in Some Form’ | NTD

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