Schumer Prioritizes Impeachment Trial; US Urges Transparency: Wuhan Investigation | NTD

00:00 Schumer Prioritizes Impeachment Trial
The evenly split Senate must decide how to run its affairs. Some potential topics are how to deal with President Trump’s impeachment trial and the filibuster.

02:11 US Urges Transparency: Wuhan Investigation
Chinese experts have already completed the first phase of research—something criticized by the US. American officials say China should share all scientific data in animal, human, and environmental samples taken in Wuhan.

03:33 ‘Sudden Collapse’ Deaths Tied to Virus
The latest report comes from Hebei province. A video posted online shows a person lying on the ground, motionless, near a virus testing site in Langfang city last week. A similar incident struck northeastern Heilongjiang province three weeks ago.

04:37 Sec. Pompeo: Uyghur Genocide Under CCP
Despite its term coming to a close, the Trump Administration continues to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its human rights abuses. They say the regime has committed genocide against the Uyhgur Muslim minority.

06:06 Reopening Schools Called White Privilege
Recent remarks from the President of a Washington teachers’ union have led to public criticism. Despite warnings about children’s mental health, he called opening schools a form of white privilege and supremacy.

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