Mysterious Blackouts around the world; Parler silenced by Big Tech, users ditch Twitter & FB

YouTube has announced that they will start removing any content contesting the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election. As a safety measure, please SIGN UP to our email list to continue receiving truthful news…

On January 9, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement. He criticized the U.S. government for the red tape it has put in place over these past decades. It has restricted the US diplomatic interactions with Taiwanese officials. This was to appease the CCP. But Pompeo declared that this would no longer be the case.

If the Senate decides to proceed with the impeachment, they can only impeach President Trump after his first presidency is completed. If President Trump leaves office at that time, this impeachment would turn into a leftist tool, used to defame him. It’s like what the CCP said when fighting in class struggles: knock you down and hold you with one foot, so you will never turn over.

At the same time, there are many Twitter and Facebook users of all backgrounds who have left these platforms. They have moved to other platforms, such as Parler. Since the sudden surge of new users, it is no coincidence that Parler is also being targeted. Parler’s software has been taken down from Google’s Android software store and Apple’s software store. They claimed that the removal of Parler software was on grounds that it has not censored the incitement to violence.

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Mysterious Blackouts around the world; Parler silenced by Big Tech, users ditch Twitter & FB

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Author: {Eye Opener with Michael Lewis}