Joe Biden’s Weird Version of Goebbels’ Big Lie

It’s interesting to watch the Democrats constantly making historical analogies to Naziism because, at every attempt, they display their astounding ignorance of history. 

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Author: {American Thinker}

One thought on “Joe Biden’s Weird Version of Goebbels’ Big Lie”

  1. “…conservatives must reject the foolish notion that we should not ‘legislate morality.’”
    As well, morality should legislate.
    A major assault of Liberal-Progressivism is against marriage. The socialist ideal is humanity organized on the lines of an ant colony. Humans not being regulated by instinct like ants, a controlling class of “More Equals” is necessary. This class is composed of…yep, the current ultra-rich elitists, the 0.001%.
    Marriage, to socialists, is a competitor to the state for the loyalty of the individual proletarian. So marriage must be eliminated. If that is not yet possible, marginalized. Divorce, easy, no-fault divorce, homosexual “marriage,” child support imposed on fathers not legally married to the children’s mothers, tax policies that penalize marriage, inventing “marital rape,” decriminalized adultery and fornication, all diminish the value of marriage. This is aimed toward making marriage undesirable.