Computers Voting Instead of People in Our Brave New World

The computer in voting and in many areas of our lives is diluting the authority of the individual.

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Author: {American Thinker}

2 thoughts on “Computers Voting Instead of People in Our Brave New World”

  1. We are not as stupid as the traitors and the collaborating class smugly assume we are. We see how much of a naked sham the Presidential election was, as well as the subsequent “run-off” in Georgia was. Free elections, like free speech and the right to publicly demonstrate political thought, are dead. Censorship, repression , confiscation of firearms and more and more repression will follow. This will all end very badly for the Left and their fellow travelers. History dictates what is to come as the long-simmering second U.S. civill war shifts into a new phase, which will end in a military coup to save what is left of America’s promise. We nust make the traitrs and their backers pay.

    1. The Marxists held on for 70 years in the USSR and are hanging on in Communist China for going on 72 years now. Of course they have had to become less Marxist-Leninist to keep from becoming a giant North Korea with half of the population starving. Communist China, like Vietnam, have had to loosen up and become more like a totalitarian authoritarian regime such as Nazi Germany.