VIDEO: Staged Events from Capitol Hill Jan 6

Cops removing gates and asking people to walk in, and physically motioning them to come inside:…..html?mref=6tc17&mc=9kez7

People filming the cops asking people to follow them inside to the Capitol and Cop runs back down when they don’t follow him, so he says again, to follow him up the stairs:

Trump supporters pulling Antifa off the building trying to get them to stop, while yelling “ANTIFA”://

Police bringing in Antifa and BLM all the way into the capitol:

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Staged Events from Capitol Hill Jan 6”

  1. As I have written in recent comments, we are witnessing historical parrallells being played out.Biden’s America will be another A;;ende’s Chile. It now seems that anti-regime protests will be banned, with additional curtailment of freedoms of speecfh and press. Using FCC powers, remaining patriotic media will be silenced. Having accomplished this, the regime will then begin their fastal plunge into confiscation of all firearms…even those of law enforcement. Meanwhile, the new onsolaught of illegal aliens will follow the removal of Trump’s wall, as poisonous drugs flood our states once more.Out of control printing of money will cause a rapid inflation tom run wild. All this is what the Left wants………..the destruction of our America for Red China’s sake. Patriots! Prepare.Defend. Fight Back as best you can for our freedom.

  2. Wondering if the woman was shot, because she realized it was a set up, or if she was defiant in some manner. Maybe, the weapon just went off. Many have said it appeared staged, as radical, Insurgence member ANTIFA/BLM, John Sullivan stood with a camera. He was arrested in Utah for attacks on conservatives in June/July. Some reported a bus load of radicals arrived.