Celebrating President Donald J. Trump


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Author: {Patricia Dickson}

One thought on “Celebrating President Donald J. Trump”

  1. Patricia MBA–
    I am listening to you and talking to you as you speak. Evil is here stabbing our president–Haley, Loeffler, Graham and Romney—-I hope you saw the airport reaction of the Patriots–Lindsey was smiling.

    I love how and what you speak. I raise my right hand as I pledge allegiance–they violate their oath. NO TRUTHS allowed: Courts are closed, Congress is closed, State Legislatures closed, Media is closed, NONE will hear the evidence, AND they steal my vote.

    God is with us. Faith.

    I hope the roads led to the new ROME (Leonardo) evidence. But, who will hear it? I do pray the perversion has not infiltrated our great country. You are right–we have a uni-party and our eyes are open to the Trojan Horse among us. Trump loves the country and took away their “reset” Communism plan with Soros/Gates. I, too, go to bed speaking with God and awake speaking to HIM. I thank God for you and your strength. He will restore our soul. Have a Blessed Dear, my dear Judy PhD RN