Senator Josh Hawley “Will Not Be Intimidated” by threats; Trump: It’s Now or Never For Republicans

How exactly will Pence play the role on January 6th? There are a few scenarios where he could possibly make it work. However, in this congress game, Democrats have the upper hand in the house majority, and the uncertainty with the senate majority is still a question.

In this situation, Trump must bank on giving the best shot of evidence there is. And the best way to do it? Show the congress that the CCP has been involved in changing the results of this election.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted five people who he thinks helped achieve the administration’s success. It includes Gina Haspel and Bill Barr. Let’s break down Mike Pompeo’s potential end to his journey as the State Secretary.

As well, Senator Josh Hawley’s house was visited by Antifa members from ShutdownDC. They are seen blasing messages to Hawley’s wife and young daughter on Monday night. This action, condemned by many on twitter, is similar to the beginning of political movements in Communsit China.

Find out how, on this episode of Beyond The Noise.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Mike Pompeo Cryptic Tweets Analysis
04:51 Georgia Trump Rally For Run Off Election
07:04 Pence Role On January 6th: Path He Can Take
12:21 Josh Hawley Threatened By Antifa

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Senator Josh Hawley "Will Not Be Intimidated" by threats; Trump: It’s Now or Never For Republicans
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