Buddy Webb

The Tunnels Beneath Texas


This was recently shared with our new Sheriff Criner. I had already contacted Chief of Police Herman, TX Rangers, FBI, DHS and the AG along with the Mayor and City Council plus many more including local, state and national news agencies. I transferred to Midland in 2008 with a large oil company as a 25 year employee and I buy a home where the young previous owner had just died. I’ve since found evidence which has convinced me that he was murdered here.

This happened before the week of the 2008 Permian Basin International Oil Show which I believe is important. In 2010, my friend at work told me about a young girl that was murdered at a large party going on during the week of the Oil Show because she had refused to prostitute. I have reason to believe this murder happened in some underground facilities said to be near my home. These wild parties, which are put on by wealthy oil field people, are infamous.

In January 2012, I reported a suspected smuggling tunnel to the DEA that I believed was going from my home in Midland to a nearby trucking lane behind the Home Depot store where I was seeing suspicious trucker traffic. Since then, I was told by two store employees that prostitution was going on behind their store and I saw a young girl at the sleeper cab of a 18 wheeler while driving by one day. I suspected child sex trafficking, the fastest growing crime in America. Two weeks later, my phone lines were cut and somebody under my home shoots me. I crawled out on my hands and knees to survive this murder attempt.

When I returned from the hospital, and now crippled, I found pictures of people “dressed like police” at my home that I couldn’t identify because the police report was withheld from me. I nicknamed them the SECRET POLICE and I offered a $2000 reward. This was the first time in the history of America that a crime victim has offered a reward to identify police. A few weeks before this murder attempt, the ex-wife tells me with 100% sincerity, “The secret is that a group of doctors are killing people for profit.” but what she didn’t tell me was that her brother in law was a doctor and he was the ER doctor on the night that I was shot. Triple proof shows they faked my X-RAYS at the hospital by taking the X-RAYS of a guy suspected of being shot 11 days before me and then putting my name on them.

This other guy was missing his heel bone so they cut my heel bone off. This was done because they were claiming I had shot myself when that is not what happened. Absolute proof has been found showing this too. Six years of death threats, slander, repeated break-ins to my home and many people asking, suggesting or ordering me to sale my home and move go by before the 11 Secret Police were identified by a Private Investigator. This crime ring has been trying to terrorize me into selling my home, at the price they set of course.

When I fell to the ground, all I had was this crazy story of people breaking into my attic and somebody under my home shooting me but now I have proof that I wasn’t shot with my gun; proof of many other homeowners in Midland/Odessa, Texas and other states reporting somebody in the attic and proof of many people saying that tunnels and/or underground facilities are near my home. I secretly recorded a woman on the phone who told me their were four, 3-bedroom, underground homes that are 25 foot deep and each of them cost over a million dollars. She told me they were having pedophile parties in these underground homes.

This is posted to my Youtube channel. Another woman told me that she worked on this underground project which was finished in 1987 while Bush was Vice President. The Bushes are from Midland and were in the Oil Field business. She said the total project cost was 7.35 million. I have a screenshot of her telling me this. A guy named Ricky Ranaldo tells me that he used to live in my home and him and his brother used to go in the tunnels under. I have a screenshot of him saying it.

A woman named Rhonda Denman Rogers tells me that the underground facility is a half block away and I also have a screenshot of this statement. She didn’t say it was 1.5 blocks away so she knew exactly where it was at. A few months ago, a woman told me to go look up my address of 3802 Faircircle on Google Maps and I see a large facility in my backyard on the block map that can’t be seen from above ground. Google historical maps shows what looks like a large tunnel ditch was cut coming from the back of Home Depot aimed directly at my home.

Anybody can see this right now. Earlier this year, I find out there was a police report all along but the names on it don’t match the names provided by the PI nor do they match the timestamps on the cameras. Two of the law enforcement officers seen, Naylor and Simpson, both died within two months of each other and their names are not found on this heavily falsified police report. All of their names are posted online. Five police officers, Davis, Dickie, Chatwell, Angell and Hale were listed as being at or in my home but they were not seen arriving on the front security cameras and this told me they were under my home.

It’s suspected they were at an underground party and very possibly one of them was the shooter aka would be killer. Additional evidence was found showing that I had unknowingly trapped a burglar in my home on this day. Not all things are known but the facts are the facts so we can be sure that tunnels and underground facilities are here and we can be sure that I didn’t shoot myself. It’s not my word against there word. I have the security camera pictures/videos, police reports, medical records, ballistic evidence, screenshots and recorded conversations posted online. PEOPLE IN THE ATTIC – I reported somebody in my attic in 2011 and a year later I was shot with burglar alarms going off in my attic. Now homeowners all over are documented reporting people in the attic. It’s widespread racketeering of burglary, theft and murder.

https://youtu.be/RjIoKlHtgis THE SUSPECTED MURDER OF MIKE LAWHON – This video talks about evidence found which seems to show the young homeowner who lived here before me was murdered the week before the 2008 Oil Show. Mike died a couple of weeks before I transferred to town.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryn3oiNaHr4 2010 OIL SHOW PARTY MURDER – A friend told me about a young girl that was murdered at a party going on during the oil show and a year later the remains of a young girl were found. It’s believed this happened in the million dollar underground homes said to be near my home.

https://youtu.be/93aJV93D5cs DURING THE COMMISSION OF A FELONY – This video talks about the burglar trapped in my guest bathroom on the day I was ambushed and shot by somebody under my home.

https://youtu.be/BXLpX0CcKeo HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – This video shows the room from where I was shot and evidence showing the lies that were told to cover up somebody under my home shooting me.

https://youtu.be/jqfNb_5tuR0 DR. GLASS’S WIFE – This video shows evidence found proving the horrific medical crimes that happened after I survived. They literally faked X-RAYS and were caught doing it.

https://youtu.be/fKLpfgtcjVw HAILEY DUNN TIMELINE – This is about the famous missing/murdered 13 year old cheerleader and evidence showing her connection to this home and the underground facilities.

https://youtu.be/GzimloYnV4E SHERIFF PAINTER’S HIDEOUT – Before a recent election for Sheriff, a candidate named Joe Lozano was secretly recorded as saying that our last Sheriff, who recently died, used to hangout in the underground facilities where it’s believed the oil show parties were held.

https://youtu.be/lFqBuqbFRlE WHY HASN’T ANYBODY BEEN CAUGHT ON CAMERA? – I made this video after being asked about security cameras many times. I was finding proof that somebody was coming in my home but I could never catch them on camera and I finally proved they were hacking the security cameras but sadly, I was already crippled for life by that time. This hack is used to falsly claim the crime victim is crazy thereby allowing these crimes of burglary, theft and murder to continue. This should also be a national news headlines story.

https://youtu.be/ToxkpEs2CZc WHY DON’T YOU DIG? – This is another question that I’ve been asked many times so I made a video to explain that I’ve already proven a capital attempted murder and turned over that evidence to law enforcement. I believe the reason they haven’t tried to dig a 25 foot hole to find million dollar underground homes which were hosting parties for an International Oil show is because they already know where they are. If not, then all you have to do is ask the many witnesses that I’ve recorded. This isn’t the time or place to play Rambo and do law enforcement’s work as these are armed and dangerous criminals. https://youtu.be/RhpUTJgUO2w