What Is Pence’s Game Plan for January 6th? | Declassified with Gina Shakespeare

At 1 p.m. local time on Jan. 6, members of Congress will gather in the chamber of the House of Representatives to observe the formal certification of Electoral College votes for president of the United States.

While it’s usually a formality, nothing has been usual so far about this year’s election amid numerous allegations of voter fraud in key swing states.

The situation is complicated by a lack of clarity on the legal and constitutional guardrails for the process. The joint session of Congress may well result in gridlock, in which a clear winner of the race isn’t announced at all.

Based on current election results, former Vice President Joe Biden has received 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232 votes. Meanwhile, Republicans in seven states where Biden claimed victory have sent their own sets of electoral votes to Washington, and some members of the House have indicated that they will object to Biden electors in some states.

Any objection would require support from one House member and one senator to be considered, and at least one senator has left open the possibility he would join the effort.

So what will happen?

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What Is Pence’s Game Plan for January 6th? | Declassified with Gina Shakespeare

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