Will Trump take special action before Jan 20?; Shop owner who exposed Hunter’s laptop sues Twitter

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On Dec 28, The New York Post reported that the computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, who exposed the Hunter Biden laptop scandal in October, is suing Twitter for defamation. He accused Twitter for defaming his business by claiming that he hacked the information, which damaged his business and reputation, and resulted in him receiving personal threats. He is seeking $500 million in damages and a public retraction from Twitter. Will Trump take special action between now and Jan 20th?

Pennsylvania House of Representatives found that the total number of votes cast in the state exceeded the number of voters by about 200,000. This is a significant and obvious problem. If taken seriously by the judicial system, the state legislature or Congress, it would be enough to nullify Pennsylvania’s already certified results and allow for a re-election.

U.S. Newsweek reported that President Trump’s advisor and loyal ally Roger Stone met with President Trump this past weekend after he was pardoned to discuss strategies on how to help President Trump get re-elected.

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Will Trump take special action before Jan 20?; Shop owner who exposed Hunter’s laptop sues Twitter

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