In Focus: Vaccine Hesitancy

New In Focus now available on Vaccine Hesitancy.

A collection of reports focused on how misinformation, skepticism, and fear all play a role in dissuading people from receiving vaccination from COVID-19 and other diseases.  According to a report by the Aspen Institute, “[A] combination of factors—including misinformation spread on social media; decreased trust in institutions including government, science, and industry; and weaknesses within health systems—has emerged to diminish confidence among some populations.”

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Author: Jenna Hillhouse

One thought on “In Focus: Vaccine Hesitancy”

  1. COVID-19 is a con job and STOP CREATING DiSEASES and stop injecting diseases into people by way of lethal vaccines. We All Know Now that WHO & the UN and CDC, HNS and big pharmaceuticals etc.and hospitals, medical institutions are not in the business of creating CURES. They’re only in the business of generating trillions of MONEY from sick & maimed, that is, creating unhealthy people. Mandating vaccines to everyone is to make the HEALTHY sick so to generate more and more money. These people who push their lethal and toxic vaccines on to the world 2021 onwards will be removed from earth…. watch this space!