DNI R_tcliffe Report, Ch_na, EO 2018, HRC Sting, #WeDoNotConsent

12/16/20: Today, Sen. HLD Sec. Com. exposes Elect_on Fra_d in multiple States and DNI Ratcl_ffe’s report on Election T_mpering to update massive Ch_na interference….

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DNI Ratcl_ffe: 12/18 Report must include massive Ch_na Electi_n Interference:

Director Of National Intelligence Ratcliffe May Postpone Intel Report Over China Election-Meddling

Forensic report on the Dom_nion machine in MI 68.5% "error rate":

L_n Wood infers Ch_na Electi_n Fr_ud in K_mp, GA Elect_on:

P_trick B_rne exposes HRC sting set up by BHO:

Z_cherberg $500 M to turn el_ction:

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