Moms for America: Keep Christmas Rally at Washington DC 201213 (Part III) |BraveHearts with Sean Lin

Moms for America held a Keep Christmas Rally at Washington DC on December 13, 2020. This is part III (last session) of the full event recording. The speakers involved: Brian Gibson, Dr. Linda Tarver, Mike Lindell, etc.

Quote from Moms for America:
"On November 3rd millions of mothers flooded to the polls to protect our freedoms, our families and all we hold dear. This election was NOT a mandate for socialism, it was NOT a message against President Trump. It was proof that evil has infiltrated all aspects of our society and communism has infiltrated all levels of our government. There is no church in communism. There is no personal property, no individual liberties, no freedom of speech, and the only equality in communism is misery among the masses while a few elitists live like kings. That is not our vision of the future. It is not the life we want for our children."

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