Trinary Gl_bal_st Weapon Vs Human Sov_reignty #WeDoNotConsent #HumanityWins

12/11/2020: Updating Now- TX rejected by SCOTUS, but it goes back to Legislators in States- Still in Play!! This video focuses on the trinary weapon assault on USA and the world….

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CIA defunded by SecDef Miller:

‘Unprecedented’: Pentagon Cuts Support to CIA Counterterrorism Ops

Italian Dr warns about Franken E_genics:

Vanity Fair: W-blower exposes M_rck Manufacturing Plant:

Australia ends V A X development after "false HIV" positives:

Franken vee sh ots part of plantary genomic assault with BioSyn control:

Austrian MP tests coca cola positive with Franken vee:

Austrian MP Tests Cola for Covid-19 – Yields Positive Result

China advises Flight attendants to wear diapers:

Activist dies mysteriously:

M_rck blocked release of harm:

Who’s behind it, UN, GSD’s:

Find out More on who’s behind the trinary weapon vs humanity:

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