Election witness responds after senator asks why others haven’t come forward, draws applause | NTD

Michigan Hearing Highlights:

10:35 Melissa Carone testifies at a #MichiganHearing that #Dominion workers left for 3 hours to fix a data loss, but believes they were actually assisting ballots that came in vans after Trump was found to be leading.

13:33 A senator questions the witnesses testimony, and asks why more people haven’t come forward if what #MelissaCarone said is true. Here’s how she responded: “I’ll tell you why. My life has been destroyed. My life has been completely destroyed because of this.”

25:25 The hearing became “out of order” when a committee member accused the witnesses of lying. “You’re allowing people to come in here and lie and I know they’re lying!!” Chairman: “Representative, you’re out of order.”

26:20 Retired Army Colonel #Philwaldron says the core of #DominionSoftwareSystems and ES&S machines are “ripe with vulnerabilities.” He says that as a former information warfare officer he looked at ways to penetrate and corrupt software systems.

29:23 Trump lawyer #RudyGiuliani, in his closing statement, lifts up a thick binder and says it represents the affidavits of witnesses who didn’t testify. He says that, based on his experience as a prosecutor, it seems obvious to him what took place in the Michigan election.

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