Trump and Powell Double Down On Wisconsin; CNN Tapes Reveal Hidden Democrat Agenda |Beyond The Noise

Update: One of Trump’s Wisconsin lawsuit was denied a hearing by the state supreme court, therefore they can appeal to the US supreme court.

Michigan senators and reps were met with the fierce Melissa Carone. Who had signed an affidavit alleging voter fraud during her time as a Dominion contract worker at a Detroit polling site?

President Trump’s speech is a declaration of his determination to an honest election. He says with the support of the people at his side, he will fight to preserve the right to vote, and the country called the United States of America.

CNN is being exposed for its daily calls with clear biased agendas against President Trump. Project Veritas and James O’keefe had been recording their calls for two months. CNN has been seeing a decline in viewership and revenue as people wake to its lies.

All that and more on today’s episode of Beyond The Noise with David Zhang.

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