Kraken Reversal: GA Judge Stops Three Counties From Altering, Destroying, Erasing Dominion Machines

Reversal of the Reversal!

A confusing Sunday yesterday regarding three back-to- back orders by Judge Timothy Batten of Georgia on Sidney Powell’s massive lawsuit to overturn the election results in that state.

First, we reported that Judge Batten had issued a restraining order to stop the reset of voting machines in the state, which was scheduled for today.

In a shocking reversal shortly after, the same judge issued a second order that said the voting machines are in the possession of county election officials (not the defendants), and that any injunction the Court issued extends only to the Defendants and those within their control. The order said that Plaintiffs had not demonstrated that county election officials are quote “in the control of the Defendants”.

One of the remedies The Werff Report said Powell’s team could do is amend their complaint to add these county officials, and turns out we were right.

Late last night, a Zoom hearing took place at 7:45PM to address the filed by Sidney Powell and her team to allow their experts to inspect Dominion Voting machines in Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee Counties, arguing that they would amend their complaint to add the election officials in these counties as Defendants, just as we said.

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Author: {TWR}