Blocked-Unblocked-Reblocked: Georgia Vote Data Erasure; 1.9M Votes NOT Validated by Arizona County

Georgia judge blocked an order for the state to erase it’s voting machine data. But soon reversed it. What is the indication of the change of heart? Then, Arizona held a hearing on Monday to allow the Trump’s legal team to present evidences that are going to help the state legislatures to determine if it warrants resolution of block state certification of votes.

In the hearing, multiple witnesses presented their own finding or experience during election. Including Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who we have covered repeatedly. In this video we will summarize some of the 6 hours of hearing.

China is retaliating against Australia through high import taxes in relation to Australia criticizing the Chinese communist government for its terrible human rights records. The foreign ministry spokesperson released a fake image, which is causing internet outrage.

Iranian top weapon scientist was assassinated last week. Find out the details in the analysis.

All that and more in today’s video!

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