#BidenBoot DRAGNET Capture of El_ction Fra_d #WeDoNotConsent

12/1/2020: Today, we learn $400M pay-out by CCP connected corps to Do
m_nion thru St+ple St and the military deployment of troops Nationwide…

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Biden Gets the Boot!


Confirmation of GH/CEEIAA take down in Fr_nkfurt:

$400M paid to St_ple Str—-

Transcript of General Flynn and Gen McInerney:

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former Special Ops Psychiatrist, confirms watermarks, dragnet:

Monkey Werx update on military air traffic:

FLOTUS White House Christmas: America The Beautiful:

Sidney Powell’s defense fund:

Please sign the petition and canvass for the Governor Newsom Recall!


Judge grants 120 day extension for Gov. Newsom Recall:

Gov. Newsom Recall Granted 120 More Days to Collect Signatures

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