Let’s be crystal clear here on this current election and pandemic situation in the United States in the year 2020. Certain public officials, medical boards, the courts, media channels, and many other associates, have essentially declared war on all Americans and the Constitution of the United States by deceptive actions to fraudulently overthrow the Government of the United states and disseminate mass propaganda to its citizens. American Citizens are dead because of those actions, e.g. loss of life has occured as a direct result of those actions. This alone is reason enough for Americans to take up arms against those quilty. Do not be fooled into thinking that Americans will give up their way of life to appease any deluded facade of a deceptive peaceful takeover.

The only way this situation ends peacefully is for everyone to:

  1. Stop the anti-constitution / anti-freedom rhetoric, edicts, statutes, and blatant actions of disregard for human rights.
  2. Cease all activities that make the appearance as a planned and intentional take over of the United States and it’s government by fraud and deceit.
  3. Cease all blatant disregard of the currently elected government, appointed officials, and it’s various representatives by making false statements publicly via bought and paid for media henchmen.
  4. Cease all blantant disregard, slander, and defamation of the Current United States President, his family, and his appointed representatives. 
  5. Come forward and publicly admit the systemic plot among several of the United States to fraudulently undermine the 2020 election results.  
  6. Cease all attempts to create a cataclysmic climax event that ends with violence and destruction of public, personal, and private property in the United States of America. 
  7. Cease the facade of misleading the American people by posing for public magazines as newly elected, newly appointed officials of public offices and organizations.  
  8. Cease all attempts to deceive the American citizens that a world-wide pandemic exists which requires United States citizens to give up all or any of their Rights, which have been guaranteed to them by their creator and made emboldened and viewable by the Constitution of the United states.

All of these actions are being recorded daily on video and in writing. These crimes are many. The perpetrators will not be able to deny their crimes against the people and laws of the United States. There will be no forgiveness for the needless isolation, anguish, and mental torture of our children that YOU have created, fostered, and insist on enforcing.

According to the Constitution of the United States and other laws written since, Americans have the right to place conspirators, communists, and anarchists under citizens’ arrest at any time, upon sight, or by coordinated effort among groups of citizens. According to the Constitution of the United States and other laws written since, those held in custody, may be temporarily held until a suitable Court of Proper United States Jurisdiction can be assembled to appropriately judge the alleged crimes of war against the people of the United States.

If the current United States Justice System, and it’s courts cannot take appropriate action to stop the attempted and coordinated overthrow of the United States, the American Citizens may choose, and have the rights granted to them by God, Country, and Ancient Laws, to publicly announce conspirators, communists, and anarchists’ wanted status and proceed to forceably stop them by any means necessary.

Now, don’t go on worrying about me. I’m just an old man that can barely walk; grown weary from the constant barrage of mental harrassment from the main stream media clowns. It’s the parents of the living, dead, and missing children that will be at claiming justice and vindication against these crimes. It’s the youth of the nation that will hold claim against the conspirators. It’s the tortured and murdered that await vengeance on the souls of their murderers, upon their departure from this life. This is the only public messsage of warning that will be made and since the big-tech oligarchs have shadow banned this blog, it serves only to damn them without warning.

May Almighty God bless the living presence of life, creation, peace, harmony, law and order, upon this earth and plane of existence. May Almighty God grant our good leaders the wisdom and peace to fulfill their rightful and designated duties to the citizens of this nation and the world at large. May all of our hands be cleansed and clean by God’s holy righteousness, that we may see the truth and through the veil of lies and deceit; may it be torn away. May the brightness of the light of God shine upon this world. May the evildoers be cast down in this moment, unable to stand or derive any coherent plans. May all that is good, just, and proper stand above the web of lies and degradation; prevailing and displaying that God’s life giving grace and love for all humanity cannot be conquered by a handful of zealots, harlots, liars, and vile serpents of death. As it is written here and now, so let it be. AMEN.