SHOCKING Kraken Reversal: GA Judge Reverses Order On Machines, But Orders Dominion Contract Released

A Kraken Victory…..Reversed.

We reported moments ago that a Georgia Judge has issued a restraining order to stop the reset of voting machines in the state, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

In a shocking reversal, the same judge issued a second order that said the voting machines are in the possession of county election officials, and that any injunction the Court issues extends only to the Defendants and those within their control.

The order says that Plaintiffs have not demonstrated that county election officials are quote “in their control”.

Lin Wood tweeted on the issue, and took the words directly our of our mouths saying quote

“What?? Judge reversed order based on Defendants claim that GA counties control voting machines.

Machines are owned by State and the Georgia Secretary of State administers state laws on elections. Why are Georgia officials determined to wipe these machines clean by resetting them?”

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Author: {TWR}