LIVE: Evening News Updates(Nov. 30)

NTD Evening News- 11/30/2020
1. Arizona’s Election Integrity Hearing
2. AZ Hearing: 35,000 Votes Embedded for Dems
3. Expert: DHS Was Aware of Vulnerabilities
4. Gosar: Everyone Should Be En Guard
5. ‘Still a Coup in Progress’: Ex-Gen. Flynn
6. Trump: DOJ, FBI ‘Missing in Action’
7. FBI Requests Election Fraud Evidence
8. PA Legislature Dispute Election Result
9. MAGA Supporters Kick Off Bus Tour
10. Trump Supporters Drive to ‘Stop the Steal’
11. Wisconsin Certifies Results Amid Lawsuits
12. Trump Supporters Rally, Protest in Trenton
13. California Protest Thanksgiving Weekend
14. Brazilian President: Fraud in US Election
15. 1/3 of Small Businesses in NY, NJ Closed
16. NYC Schools to Reopen With Weekly Testing
17. NYC MetLife Sky Bridge Being Removed
18. Malicious Codes Found in Gear: S. Korea
19. China Poses Security Challenges: NATO
20. Australia: Beijing’s Actions Harm Globe
21. Trump to Blacklist 2 More Chinese Firms
22. Paris: Disputed Article Pulled From Bill
23. Protest in France Against Amazon
24. Huawei Completely Banned by UK Law
25 .Chinese Fast Fashion Brand Gluts UK Market
26. Darth Vader Actor David Prowse Dies
27. Kyiv: Charity Gives Free Oxygen Generators
28. Will Holiday Season in Spain Spike Cases?
29. Meteor Lights Up the Sky in Japan
30. White House Unveils Christmas Decorations

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