PA Judge Who Halted Certification: GOP “Likely To Succeed” As PA Supreme Court Considers Case

Likely To Succeed!

That was the opinion of Pennsylvania Judge Patricia McCullough on the Trump Campaign’s recent victory this week which temporarily blocked the certification of results in that State earlier in the week.

The opinion, released late last night, said that the GOP lawsuit was quote “likely to succeed” as it moved forward based on the merits.

The case is unrelated to the one rejected by a federal appeals court yesterday, and remains a strong challenge to Act 77 that was passed in 2019, which allowed all qualified Pennsylvanians to vote by mail without needing an excuse, and made certain other changes to the administration of elections in the state.

The case is presently being considered by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, who blocked the order by Patricia McCullough that halted Pennsylvania’s certification of the results while it considers the case.

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Author: {TWR}